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The Matter-Antimatter Anihilation

How does Matter-Antimatter Anihilate each other???..:)

Ask this simple question to a physicist. After looking like a deer on headlights for a some time, he/she will start mumbling something and writing some Feynman diagrams showing wiggling lines representing photons, positrons and electrons..>:)

The Nature of a Photon

What is a Photon ??

Matter-Antimatter Ratio

Miguel de Unamuno and the Gravitational "Constant"

Comet Holmes

Ideas are Important

This together with the value of critique are the main themes of this blog ....

Last week a comet was born. This may or may not pose a threat to our planet. Someday, one will and we should be as ready as possible to face that challenge. This is not a scary tactic. This is just an Evolution tactic. Ideas should fight each other in the realm of our rationality. The winner should be the best we can come up with and not the ones Paul Ginsparg protects. Evolution should proceed at a fast clip...There is no time to waste.

I decided to use his name even though I know I might be given him too much credit. The acts that prevent the free discussion of ideas in Physics might be just the simple result of mindless automaton processes. Simple rules like avoid challenging the past or the big wigs or disregard people who cannot influence my grants might be enough to generate this complex behavior...:)

In any event, here are the pretty pictures of the Comet... Remember, there is one with your name on it somewhere out there...:)

A composite image shows Comet Holmes' movement over the last 48 hours on Saturday Oct. 27 2007 on the left and Monday Oct. 29 2007 on the right in the Northeastern night sky in the constellation Perseus, taken in Tyler, Texas. The comet surprised astronomers last week by becoming suddenly visible and now it's surrounding gas cloud continues increasing in brightness and size and is visible to the unaided eye. (AP Photo/Dr. Scott M. Lieberman)

By the way, since if you don't say it now you have to hold your peace forever, the Alien community agree that this is a good theory...:)