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Cosmological Constant G

How to Calculate the Cosmological Constant G

Needless to say, G - The Gravitational Constant - has been the strongest pillar of our understanding of the Cosmos. Everything in the Cosmos is governed by it. Any model on how we started depends upon it.

Everytime we look into the skies and try to conclude something about a tremendous explosion that happened Eons ago in a very far place, we need to be sure that G is always the same...:) Otherwise how could we derive any conclusion about collisions (they are driven by G through Gravitational forces)...:)

Everytime you hear about the Gigantic Black Holes that might have seeded our Galaxies, you are modeling the dynamics through a constant G.

It turned out that for you to have a single description of Gravitation and Electromagnetism, you need a Cosmological Time dependent G, that is, G has to be inverselly proportional to 4D radius of the Universe.

This means that G was two times larger some 7 billion light years ago and millions, billions, trillions of times larger at the beginning of times.

I calculated the supersymmetry condition for the Gravitational and Electromagnetic forces to be equal. It is in the paper, book and links on this site.

Next, this theory provides another impossibility... The simple calculation of the Gravitational Constant as a function of the 4D Radius of the Universe or the Cosmological Time. Double-click the images below for a larger picture.

Area 51 - Where is my MapLoco

Area 51


What have you done to my MapLoco Visitor's Map????

This was to be expected...:) Aliens always keep a low profile...:) If discovered they get a wedgie from their superiors...:) I had to redo my MapLoco, by now it should have a filter for anything Alien...:) thus eliminating the track record of Alien existence...:) Only Aliens would have the powers to cajole MapLoco to erase my data there...:)

Area 51

Area 51