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An Infinite Source of Energy

Coherent Nuclear Fusion -
The Path to Infinite and Safe Energy

Epsilon Revisited

Epsilon Revisited



My friend wrote:

The Land of The Brave

The Land of The Brave

Every so often I make a summary of what the theory is about. Many people join this site every day and they could benefit from a recap.

Some people might mistake that with some sort of bragging..:) That couldn't be farther from the truth...

This theory is only useful or valid if people take their kid gloves and take their best punches at it...:) What my summary provides is a clear target to welcome criticism or peer review...:)

Science is a contact sport... People are allowed to have their opinions and if they are not well grounded, people should get their asses kicked...:) Politely if possible...:) but a bad argument should never be left standing..:)

Here is an example of myself taking it up in the chin...:)

>How is epsilon0 or mu0 related to the charge of an electron or to the Avogrado's number???? (this is my question after my friend told me that epsilon0 >and mu0 had formulas or definitions) It isn't related to qe and Na(apart from the fact that it is in Js2C-2m-1 units) but you have said you are assuming qe. mu0 = 4pi x10^ -7 exactly. That is what it says on my list of fundamental constants courtesy of P.W.Atkins.. Not even Wikipedia can get pi wrong by 0.8% Or have you discovered a new value of pi in your 4D universe? (Annoying smiley deliberately omitted)

Have you been deleted from Wikipedia as well? Probably for taking the name of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus in vain. Ockham's Razor to validade Santa Klaus, Eastern Bunny

>By the way, I value your criticism even when it is half-baked...:) One never knows when a good idea would come out of your mind..:) My aim isn't to have a good idea, it is just to get rid of some of your bad ideas.

The Silence of The Lambs

The Silence of The Lambs..:)

This blog is about to reach its 9000 unique IP readers...:) Hurray!!!!

I didn't know there were so many cosmologists, string theorists, particle physicists in the planet...:)

There are many reasons to celebrate...

The theory has been published in two books: