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The Singing Paradigm

The Singing Paradigm

It is NOT everyday you witness the birth of a new paradigm. Today is one of those days.

I have been explaining the theory bit by bit... and cementing each new layer with the a new nuance of my vision of the Universe.

The initial cinder blocks of this new paradigm were the proposed hyperspherical shock wave Universe topology. That was supported by Cosmological observations, like the equating of the Cosmic Microwave Background with a Doppler Shifted Big Bang Gamma Ray Burst.

At that point, Life imitated Art and I realized that one can only reach the Alpha Quadrant (45 degrees of the Cosmological Angle in each direction) and that by traveling at the speed of light forever. One can see one radian or the Beginning of the Universe or thereabouts.

Amusingly enough the Big Bang occurred in each and every point of this 3D Universe and that is a simple consequence of the topology....:) This means the the initial heat and energy that were bursting at the time of the Big Bang from the chair where you are sitting right now is reaching a position one radian from it (Cosmological Angle - see figure at the top of the blog) at this time while the energy that left that point is reaching you right now...:)

In this topology you are always at the center of your Universe and that is valid for all and everybody...:) A nice trick just for the Egocentric people around..:)

The second layer on this house was the Grand Unification of Gravitation and Electromagnetism and summary dismissal of the remaining obscure forces. In time, I will further clarify what I did with them, although that should be patently clear for a good reader...:)

I did not dwell on minor points like Cosmogenesis, since it would clash with your preconceived ideas. The paper is on this site under Papers. I also did not dwell in less relevant aspects of Time and only told you about the existence of the Cosmological Time and the we observe only time projections. I mentioned the Gedanken Experiment of the Amoeba in an Ascending Bubble in the Bottom of the Sea..:) Someday, I will explain it better if you cannot understand it.

The last but not the least was the changing in paradigm on matter. It was always used without a thorough description, but in the Hypergeometrical Standard Model I replaced all the Feynman diagrams, Puzzling Confined Quarks, Reciprocal Symmetries (Hamiltonian should be invariant to a substitution of r by 1/r for the Strong force to be unifiable with other forces) by a bunch of simple 4D Deformational Angular Momentum Laden "Musical" Notes.

An chord of four notes represents both an electron or a proton depending upon which one I play first...>:) More complex chords (in multiples of four) make up for all the Hyperons - a very musical family...:)

Now looking from outside of the Universe, it is clear that The Orchestra is Flying at the Speed of Light...:) since each element of the Orchestra (any particle) flies in the 3D Shock Wave Hyperspherical Universe.

I know that immediately each and every crackpot will say... Aha... I knew that the Universe had a tune... I always hear it in the back of my mind...:)

I guess I don't care... :) Crackpots will always be crackpots...

I will tell now you about Pion Plus and the Transmutation Note...:)



The Flying Orchestra

The Flying Orchestra

Let's review what the Hypergeometrical Standard Model has done to the Universe.

The Hypergeometrical Universe Topology places the whole 3D Universe flying at the speed of light as a 3D Hyperspherical Shell or Shock Wave Universe. There has always been some silly statements about the Universe having a tune (being in tune with the Universe)... :) or having a frequency or any other half-backed concept along those lines..

By introducing the concept of dilator as coherences between deformations (modulations) of a 4D space metric, I was able to create the chords associated with difference particles. Simple reasoning about which rotation axis in the four-dimensional space was used to replace funky Quarks like the Strange etc... Delta particles are supposed to have strange quarks, I believe., and of course, they are easily represented by the Hypergeometrical Standard Model.

I am able to explain them and everything (Theory of Everything) without any new construct!!!!!

This is a clean model based upon simple concepts of spinning, 4D volumes and 3D projections of those volumes.

By associating with each particle in the Universe a simple chord which gets repeated over and over again until the particle decays, I was able to associate a Musical Instrument to each particle in the Universe.

Since they are traveling at the speed of light along the Radial coordinate, I can claim that:
I've just thrown the Whole Orchestra along Their Beautiful Song at the Speed of Light....:)

Not only that, I also told you what the song is about....:)