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Of Mice and Men...

Of Mice and Men

You have been reading about my audacity - The Balls Diagram..:), intellectual courage and other bravados... It might be time for me to be real....:)

I work very hard, learned a lot in life, have strong ideals and am extremely driven... Like to try to fool myself in thinking I am made of stainless steel...:)

I know that that is not the case, but it helps in trying to get things done...

As you know, I wrote a lot here and there and everywhere about this theory. I've just had to do it, since I couldn't find any resistence to it, nobody ever said anything I couldn't answer and the theory has the most aesthetic beauty and simplicity. When you see the Universe in such a different way, if you really are a true Mankind cardmember carrying, you would like to make this idea part of the collective knowledge soup.... The stuff we use to make the future ... to reach the Undiscovered Continent... This is not to say that I am messianic and am here to deliver the truth...(like Steve Colbert)...:) but this is to say I would like to voice the idea ... gingerly if necessary... but express it ..

In the past, at the beginning of this blog, I tried to contact the leaders in this field. Gingerly sent them one email asking for any comments. Never received any acknowledgement and cowardly let things stay that way...

After getting the idea published in the Quantization in Astrophysics book, I though that maybe it is time to try to engage someone and maybe get a comment or two... or in the best of the Universe, have an actual vigorous scientific debate...:)

Enboldened by the publication, I made another gingerly effort and send this email to Dr Kay, an Astrophysics professor from Columbia University.

From: MP
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 3:47 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Hypergeometrical Universe

Dear Dr.Kay,

I created a new theory - The Hypergeometrical Universe, which describes interactions (forces) and particles in purely geometrical terms. It also provides a simple and unified approach to all the forces.

I would like to give a talk on the subject such as to obtain some feedback.

The work has been published in a collaborative book on Quantization in Astrophysics.

Currently, I am bloging the Hypergeometrical Standard Model where I describe the Hyperons in terms of dilators (metric modulators) and their respective dilaton (traveling metric modulations) chords. The blog site is given by:

I am not in academia anymore so it would be quite stimulating to hear someone's else opinion.



Newton's First Law...

Newton's First Law

I mentioned that I was afraid that my legacy would be my Balls Diagram...:) but I am afraid I will have to challenge Newton's Laws also and them only my Intellectual Courage or Audacity will be remembered...:)

First let's review Newton's Laws with the help of Wikipedia:

The Three Laws of Motion
Newton's Laws of Motion describe the acceleration of massive objects. The modern understanding of Newton's three laws of motion is:

First Law
If no external force acts on a particle, then it is possible to select a set of reference frames observed from which the particle is seen to move without any change in its velocity. These reference frames are called inertial reference frames.

The Balls Diagram

The Balls Diagram

As you know, didactics requires some memorable associations and I thougtht about this one while listenig to Chris Matthews' Hardball. Valentine's Day was also in my mind...:)

So let's learn some physics up, Fellas.:)

The Balls Diagram has been shown for the initial particles of the Hyperon Family and even though they should be self-evident, I thought that it would be worthwhile to spend a blog on it...:)

Let's take the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Minus for simplicity and its corresponding Balls Diagram.

Pion Minus

The Capital Sins

The Capital Sins

There are a few Sins that are relevant to Science. The one that I believe is most damaging is Vanity. It demonstrates itself in two forms: People will say that something they couldn't understand is extremely difficult - by definition - and the other is that they will pursue their extremely complex model as opposed to try to understand someone's else simpler paradigm...:)

I created a simple explanation for the Universe. It has been said that it could never be done... It has been said that it might be explainable only by a theory from the 23rd Century..:) People told us that for that they (Einstein) would have to read God's mind....etc

What if the Universe is just a Flying Orchestra where each member plays a simple tune and they always play in tune with the surrounding music (Quantum Lagrangian Principle)...:) Would you give this theory a chance to be published or heard...:)

Vanity has precluded that from happening and has precluded Mr./Mrs. Scientist (imitating a South Park's General) from giving me the time of the day...:) They have been too busy making their Rube Goldberg conjectures...:)

Pion Plus and The Philosopher's Stone

Pion Plus and The Transmutation of Matter

Some time ago I mentioned that I would deliver a Pedra filosofal or the Philosopher's Stone, the Alchemist dream of transmutation

Before you start making your plans for a rich retirement in the Bahamas, you might as well relax with some Pion Plus Music...:) There will be plenty of transmutation there...:)

Here are the decay equations associated with the Pion Brothers:

Let's start with the Coherence Diagram containing the Dimensional Chords:

One notices that the spectral content remains the same, that means that the decay products will differ only by phase. The front laden anti-proton to positron transmutation note generates the first positron of the sequence. Figure below shows this complex chord in a simpler manner:

If one compares it with the Pion Minus presented before, it is clear that they differ just by a phase. In the Pion Minus the initial phase is a electron while in the Pion Plus is is a positron. The phase difference is just 180 degrees tunelling.

Below is the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Zero:

and its corresponding balls diagram...:)

You might notice that the Pion Zero looks like two justaposed electron-positron pairs of notes. You might ask how those two notes pairs don't anihiliate or collapse? There is a simple answer, they are not in the same time, that is, they are sequential notes. The other half of the answer has to do with angular momentum, for anti notes to continuing existing or be something in life, they have to carry a total momentum different than zero. The idea is that if in the electron note one compresses 4D space and in the positron note one dilates the same space by the same amount, the net work is zero - work, energy and deformational or twisting are the same. This would mean that the note sequence could be eliminated or added without changing particle. Now if the zero note pair has angular momentum, then it cannot be eliminated willy-nilly.