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Inappropriate Submissions...Communications

Maybe I was in bad mood after all...:) What can I say.... I am just human...:)

My last blog was a quasi-coherent rant (to be kind to myself) and to a high degree it did not provide a clear view of what really happened and what I think. I will organize the argument properly here.

I decided that the last blog was way tooooo melodramatic and decided to divide it into three. This one will keep the Los Alamos ArXives communications...

Hypergeometrical Universe Censorship

Hypergeometrical Universe Censorship

Sometimes you have to get over your troubles and see things in a clearer manner.

I realized that the inherent difficulties in the introduction to a new physics to old scientist were distracting in my old blog.

I decided to move those blogs here and stop crying like a baby...:)

Here they are, just for sake of keeping the historical perspective correct.

I don't know if I am proud of so much complaining or ashamed...:)

What can I say, I am just human after all..





I received this question about WHAT...:)

Since we all can learn from WHAT as well as WHY, here is the question and the answer:
It will be nice if you can explain WHAT you show is new, which was not shown or proven for Hyperons in conventional quark models (QCD) ?I like your rotated diagrams

The WHAT is everything....This is a total departure from existing Physics from the point defined by Newton's Four Natural Laws.

To Serve Humans

To Serve Humans

The Grand Finalle- The Omegas

The Grand Finalle- The Omegas