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The Twisted Deltas - Delta Minus

The Twisted Deltas - Delta Plus

The Twisted Deltas - The Delta Plus

You haven't seen anything until you see the Twisted Deltas...:)

The Deltas have spin 3/2...:) and are complex dimensional multichords. They are also big and difficult to blog. Blogger makes them too small to read, almost... Later I will post links to the full size pictures.

The same diagrams will be in the updated Grand Unification paper as soon as I finish polishing it. The old version is on the papers section of this blog.

Below is the Delta Plus....I should be self-evident that one can decompose it into a Neutron and a Pion Plus...:) Well, maybe you might need a little help here...

Below is the Neutron plus Pion Plus decay products.
Notice that one made use of the fact that a Electron-Proton-Electron is the same things as a Positron-AntiProton-Positron transmutation.

Notice that the Delta Plus Dimensional Multichord contains exactly two Blue Transmultation Transitions (blue lines = electron-positron or positron-electron transmutations) and four Red Transmutations Transitions (red lines= electron-proton or proton-electron transmutations).

Hyperons - Review up to the Pion Family

Hyperon Review:

Let's take a look on the Fundamental Dilator and their relatives - The Hyperons.

The fundamental dilator is what we call a Proton or an Electron. Depending upon which phase is in phase with the Hyperspherical Lightspeed Expanding Universe one can have one or the other.

Transmutation transions can connect dimensional chords (each dimensional chord expresses the four phases of the fundamental dilator) and change the character of the dilator. I was able to create a full replacement for the Standard Model that makes use of dimensional chords and simple transmutation transitions/ transmutation chords.
Let take a look at the Fundamental Dilator once again.

The Electron(Proton):
The fundamental dilator is a 4D coherence between stationary states of deformation. The deformation of space is quantized, that is, can be represented as states in a 4D double potential well.

The respective coherences for Electron and Proton are shown below:
and for a Proton:

Notice that the Proton and Electron coherences differ only by which is the initial (in phase) state in the coherence. The states associated with the Electron (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3) differ not by "energy" since they have the same 3D volume (the Hpergeometrical Universe equivalent to Energy is the 3D projection of the 4D Volume) but by time. It takes time to rotate the dilator around (at the speed of light) and that introduces an extra phase delay on the Tunnelling Process with respect to the Spinning Process. Remember that all particles in the Universe are described in terms of combinations of this two fundamental dilators and that they have Spin Half, that is, they spin at half the speed of tunneling...:) A nice touch, I might say...:)

Faster than The Speed of Light Propagation

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Linear and Hyperbolic Spaces