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The Simple Minded Fat Electron and Proper Time Quantization

neutrino57 said...

You are on the right track. Time IS quanticized. As is space. Read my blogs on HU-LU-WU (3-d superstring theory) and Gluons.The basic theory of the universe ought to be simple enough for anyone to understand. Do you think a photon has to refer to a tiny scientific calculator every time it moves? No, it just goes!

Anything essential is invisible to the eyes...

The Fabric of Space

The Fabric of Space

By now, Dr. Zaius, you might be able to understand that the Fabric of Space is actually the dynamic four dimensional membrane that stretches as the hyperspherical shockwave Universe expands at the speed of light. The treads are not neatly spaced and isotropic., they are the maximae of the interference of all dilatons generated by all dilators since the begining of the times.

In fact, it is not a membrane at all. It is the loci representing the solutions to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle requiring each and every dilator to land on a dilaton field maximum at each step of the Universe expansion. For each dilator that will have more than one solution and will be represented by a volume in 3D. Needless to say, this is the Hidden Variable problem that Einstein tried to solve. Everything is based on the simplest equation ever.

This loci is a mesh with a very small spacing (Compton wavelegth of a one atomic mass unit dilator). Basically the size of a nucleus. The radius of curvature of this mess is around 15 billion light years....:)

Fundamental Dilator - The Basics

Fundamental Dilator - The Basics

Dr. Zaius said...

Well, personally I don't have too much trouble understanding four-dimensional models at least in a sense of analogy. In fact, assuming that your theory holds its waters empirically and mathematically, the idea of expanding hyper spherical wave in five dimensions makes more sense to me than many other theories.

As far as your four-dimensional dilator goes... I'm not sure yet. The way I understand it at the moment, considering that I did not thoroughly read everything you published so far, is that you propose some deformation in 4D space in a form of some rotating ellipsoid. Its rotation produces waves. Those waves are coherent and produce certain interference patterns, which manifest themselves as our matter. Am I far off base here? The part that I find difficult to relate to is the concept of double well potential. It doesn't seem to carry much meaning in itself.
It is a pleasure seeing your Brain at work...:) You are not far, maybe a little....:)

Let's tackle the problem in a rational way. First forget that there is charge and mass and consider the approach I proposed to solve the differences between Gravitation and Electrostatics:
  • I consider that the interaction between charged particles and non-charged particles to be the same, the difference in response is due to the "particle" the dilaton waves are effecting.

Language is a problem. You are used to the concept of particle and that is a very primitive concept. Let me introduce the concept of dilator:

Do you understand the Fundamental Dilator Paradigm???

Let no man ignorant of geometry enter here.