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Anjan posted "The Beginning of Times":

An Ancient Flower Bloom...:)

An Ancient Flower Bloom...:)

There are many things still to be blogged, but many things are already presented.  I know that circa 40 thousand readers (scientists or otherwise) have been to this site.  A few left questions which I always tried to answer.

This is a free flowing blog, the historical documentation of an idea.   I am quite glad with the final product and know that many things changed (a little) from the beginning.  At the beginning my Fundamental Dilator had five phases and was red and yellow..:) later became four-phased and green and yellow.  Red doesn't print properly on black and while printer.  The fifth phase was a return to the original phase so I decided to eclipse it.  The five phased coherence might be a better description.  People will eventually decide, if this theory takes hold.

I realized that the actual speed of light is sqrt(2) times the observed speed of light. This shouldn't change the fundamental equations (Law and Gravitation) since they are close action at distance equations (even a million light years is just a very small fraction of a 15.36 billion years.  The correction are even less relevant since the action at very far distance (billion of light years) will not just decay with the inverse squared distance...:)  The exact law can be easily derived from the Pioneer Anomaly diagrams.  But that seems to be irrelevant since most interaction takes place within a few million light years...(intergalactic distance).

Equations might have to be changed to adapt to this new insight, but that doesn't change anything in the short distance laws..:) (up to a billion light years)..I don't think we are under the gravitational or electrostatic pull of anything one billion light years away..:) it is just way too far... The calculated frequency of Gravitational Waves will change by a factor equal to the inverse of the quartic root of two...:)  This changes are the result of the actual speed of light being sqrt(2) times the observed speed of light.  The substitution of R0 by sqrt(2)R0 all over the place should solve the problem.

Next weekend, I will update my paper which is lagging behind the blog these days.

There are things that I haven 't said.  I've just don't have the time..:) but maybe someone will ask me a specific question..:) I always answer my readers..:)

In the meantime, enjoy some great music...:)



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