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Tired Photons

Tired Photons and the Universe Distribution of Mass

The Signs you are in a Cult

The Signs you are in a Cult

During a sleepless night, I pondered what would be the signs to be looking for to know if one is in a Cult...:) You know, those groups of people held together by common believes, which many times do not warrant their allegiance...:)

Examples abound, for instance the member of the Standard Model Cult, M-Theory (M stands for Mattress - keep the last S for not saving the world...:)), or Higgs Boson Cult (awaiting for the appearance of that Boson on the tail of a Cometh...Notice that I didn't rant about Einstein or Ether..>:) Those are other Cults...:)

The most important aspect is the "Circling the Wagons", not let anyone with diverging ideas in and anyone out..:)

In a cult, nobody wants to learn anything about any ideas other than the ones that percolates their inculcated minds by fear of losing on a good thing... a promised land... :)

And by all means, nobody wants to be the Purveyor of Bad News...

I applied to be part of a Poster Session on a Gordon Conference on Nuclear Chemistry... In the past, I participated in many Gordon Conferences and always had the greatest experiences...:)

This time I just wanted to be on the side of a 2 by 2 foot cardboard with some pictures of the Hypergeometrical Universe topology (cross-sections), the Fundamental Dilator, the Coherent Nuclear Fusion process and maybe a Pion or two..:) Quietly awaiting for some scientist to pass by and ask the question: "What is this?"

As usual, I would give my one minute spill and hopefully open their minds into other possible explanations to what is currently called Nuclear Chemistry...

As you know, the Chemistry in the name reflects the current paradigm of reagents together in a hot caldron, randomly colliding until by chance they overcome the reaction barrier and skate into the product channel...

If I am right, the field will be called Nonlinear Hadronics or Coherent Nonlinear Hadronics in the future. This would reflect a new way to collide the reagents in a non-random manner and paying attention to silly things like reagent polarization and making sure that there is bunching (for peak power or peak density) on the particle flow. Not unlike in electron microscopes, Deuterium and Tritium (or other reagents)would be focused onto a very, very small spot. By controlling the velocity of the flow and the focal length of the magnetic lens, optimized Nuclear Fusion would be achieved. Of course, this is a simple experiment with a possible extremely high return.

I bothered to offer myself to stand patiently on the side of a cardboard while beer chugging scientists passes by, at the end of many days' worth of talks, just to deliver this new view of the Universe in an understated manner. It is worthwhile since it could save this planet.

If you feel relieved that Nasa was right about Apophis asteroid, I don't. As you know they are wrong every so often...:)

For one, the situation is fishy, acceptance of mistake followed by a denial...:)

In addition, knowing how uncertain are the initial conditions (e.g. velocity, mass, collisions along the path of the asteroid, solar wind along the trajectory, etc) I would consider our knowledge of Apophis trajectory 22 years from now very diffuse...

That would give a back-of-envelop one in two probability of collision... Well, since they didn't bother to present the details of the calculation, I have to go with my gut feeling...:)

A gram of prevention is worth a pound of remediation...:)

This brings me back to my motto that Physics is Important...Way too important to be left in the hands of a cult...:)

Below is my application to the poster session and the rejection letter:

From: Betty Tsang [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:05 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Nuclear Chemistry Gordon Conference

Dear Mr. MP

Would you clarify your academic background in applying to attend the
2008 Nuclear Chemistry Gordon Research Conference?

Thank you
Betty Tsang
Chair, 2008 Nuclear Chemistry GRC

Dear Dr. Tsang,

I am attaching my resume. Since I left academia, I don't keep a CV up to date.

My education is shown below:

...(PhD, MSc, MBA) graduate degrees, 22 years scientific career, the broadest (multidisciplinary) background possible...

My research was never directed towards Cosmology or Particle Physics. My only scientific production in that area is my theory.

The theory creates a framework where particles are described by coherences between stationary states of metric deformation (dilators).

The theory was successfully applied to unify Gravitation and Electromagnetism. I recasted Newton's Laws in geometrical terms (deformations of a Fabric of Space - the locus of a lightspeed expanding shock wave in a 4D spatial manifold).

This logical framework was used to produce a representation for all Hyperons and isotopes. They all can be represented in terms of variations of a Fundamental Dilator.

Above are the deformational states associated with the Fundamental Dilator where the in-phase phase is the electron phase.

The fundamental dilator can represent all four fundamental particles: proton, electron, antiproton, positron.

The paradigm can be understood through the following diagram:

The coherence is a shape-shifting deformation of the metric. This coherence not only change shape (electron corresponding displacement volume to the proton equivalent – circa 2000 time larger in both expansion and compression thus resulting in proton, electron and their counter particles). In this theory there are no compact spaces. Spin is an external degree of freedom, a real rotation as opposed to being an internal degree of freedom.

Dilators only interact when the overlapping between the Fundamental Dilator and the Fabric of Space is maximized. This together with a Quantum Lagrangian Principle provide the basis for Quantum Mechanics. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle was used to obtain Gravitation and Electromagnetism forces. It states simply that dilators will always dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field. Dilaton are the metric waves associated with the coherence.

An example of a hyperon explained in terms of space deformations is presented below:

This is the decaying equation for the pion minus. It decays into an muon minus and a muon neutrino.

Other examples is show below:

It decays into a Delta Zero, Pion Zero and Pion Minus.

The Fundamental Dilator paradigm eliminates the asymmetry between electrons and protons. This theory is developed in two cross-sections of a 5D spacetime. One of the cross-sections is the familiar 4DSPacetime where Relativity was described. This theory is totally compatible with that theory.

The other cross-section contains the 3D shockwave universe expanding along a Radial Direction

As one would expect dynamics forces (magnetism) are derived in the right panel (which contains time). Static forces (Gravitation and Electrostatics) are derived in the right panel.

Strong and weak forces are explained in metric deformation terms.

The theory has broad implications and it is difficult to present it in a short letter. The manuscript currently is around 80 pages.

This paradigm shift allow for a nonlinear hadronics paradigm shift for Nuclear Chemistry. Instead of the current paradigm of reagents, barrier to reaction, product channels, my theory permits understanding nuclear chemistry in a way similar to nonlinear optics. This means that it supports Coherent Nuclear Fusion processes. Of course, in the same way that nonlinear optical effects are many orders of magnitude more likely with coherent laser light (that using an incoherent light source), coherent nuclear processes should be order or magnitude more effective in bring about fusion products.

I would appreciate if I were permitted to explain the theory.


Dear Dr. MP

I do not see how your interest matches with our program, please see Our program is full. There is no room for another talk. As the number of participants to the conference are limited, I have to limit the participants to scientists who are actively doing research in Reaction Physics in Nuclear Science.

Thank you
Betty Tsang
Chair, 2008 Nuclear Chemistry GRC


I know I am not a member of a cult, since there isn't anyone else with me at this time..:) A cult of one...:) Well, it is possible...:)

On the other hand, I failed to show the other symptoms..:) I vigorously pursue scrutiny, scientific debate and have no place to hide... If someone ask me to explain something, I would never exclude that person from a debate nor would I fail to provide a simple explanation of my theory... no matter the circumstances...

I feel relieve I am not in a Cult..:)



PS- By the way, if I mentioned M-Theory as M for Mattress or complained about someone's theory is because I provide a simpler explanation which is ruled (without any disclosed reason) INNAPROPRIATE..:)

I've never mean a personal attack, after all, I don't personally know any one of the actors in this play..:) My attach is always on the merits of their science and on the horrors of censorship...:)

I also am quite aware of constraints on room and board for the attendees of the Gordon Conferences. That wouldn't be an issue -- I can always go to a Bed and Breakfast in the vicinity and can eat out or fast..:) I would be the last person on the planet to preclude a wide-eyed young scientist from being dazzled by science..:) I was in my time..:)

Sapor Similis Pullus

Dr. Fate

The God Particle

The God Particle

Forgive me saying something against a God Particle, but this is a stretch... Not unlike Inflation Theory ( in fact, these are my two pet peeves)...

I am not saying that the Fundamental Dilator is the only possible solution to the problem of Mass.

I made Mass totally disappear with it...:) I succesfully replaced Mass with displacement 4D volumes within a spinning coherence: The Fundamental Dilator

Above are two electrons with opposing spins...:) and the best explanation for the existence of Cooper pairs and the why of Hund's Law. Opposing spinning electrons show zero attraction or repulsion among each other...:) That is why you can put them neatly into orbitals...:)

I also explained why one Kilogram (inertial) of Electrons have Zero Gravitational Mass...:) Just a result of interaction averaging out to zero.

While Peter Higgs, François Englert and Robert Brout were trying to explain Mass using some God Given Particle or God Himself, I explained Mass Away...

People shouldn't mix Religion references and Science. It would be horrible if one cannot see the God Boson coming out of those Large Hadron Collider Collisions...

By the way, we know that we can make "Bosons" out of collisions (e.g. Delta Zero, Pion Zero).

Is Dr. Higgs telling me that Delta Zero, Pion Zero are The False ProphetParticles?

How would you know that you created a Boson that gives Mass to a particle... Just because it has some weight (Mass)..:) given to itself?? That would be a quite weak proof of the existence of the God Particle...

I would expect something along the lines of the God Boson coming down the pipe and interacting wih another humble particle and bestowing it the Gift of Masslessness...:) such that it would just fly faster than the speed of light out of there...:) That would make me a believer..

Of course, if one could keep such God Particle around one long enough, one could ask for larger favors like making an Apple to fall upwards or downwards at infinite speed...:)

In summary, I don't believe it is possible to attach to an extremely short-lived particle coming out of a collider the title of God Particle. It is my believe that I will have just to believe..:)

I already believe that the Truth is Out There...:)

I certainly know that whatever comes out of those collisions would be less relevant than Coherent Nuclear Fusion. I am partial...what can I say..>:)

Today, I learned that there is a great theory out there which is the most accepted geometric relativistic theory. I am looking forward to read about it... I've never managed to ask if that theory contains the concept of Mass. If a contain that awful concept, it can never be really geometrical..:)