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Yesterday I tried to deposit my critique to the Supernova Survey


at the Los Alamos Archives.

The manuscript was endorsed so it passed the first step. I received this email:

Message body

We have received your submission to arXiv. Your temporary submission
identifier is: submit/1632867.

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Title: Hypergeometrical Universe Theory Supernovae High Z Predictions
Authors: Marco Pereira
Categories: math-ph
Comments: 14 pages, 6 figures

This article shows that the proposed Hypergeometrical Universe (HU) topology
and the epoch- dependent G ( proportional to the inverse of 4D Radius)
consistently predicts the corrected distances(z) for the type 1A Supernova
Union2.1 data. This might indicate a potential bias on the interpretation of
this dataset. This is very important since theories based upon Inflation, Dark
Matter, Dark Energy Models rely on the Supernova Survey to extract their
parameters. Conversely, the matching of HU predictions to the unbiased data
lends credence to this alternative view of the Universe expansion, topology and

Last time I did it, I was a naive person who loved Science and just wanted to provide a simple model (interesting topology, new paradigm) to the discussion.

The topology was one of a lighspeed expanding hypersphere.

Stating that something is traveling at the speed of light is a temerity…:) Einstein told us that it takes an infinite amount of energy to push something, anything at the speed of light.

Perhaps, when I was even younger and naiver, I would take that as Religion. Now that I am wiser, I consider that as any theory, there is always a context. Relativity was written for the Universe Einstein was able to imagine.

  • I added an extra dimension (R)
  • I recast the Laws of Physics in a Stress-Strain paradigm
  • Instead of thinking in terms of the pearls of wisdom we value so much (Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics…etc), I decided to probe deeper. I decided to let my Brain wander a little a see if things make sense. I didn’t post or publish anything half-baked (as did so many scientists in academia).
  • I introduced a concept of the Fundamental Dilator, Dilaton Field and the Quantum Lagrangian Principle.

I will digress on those topics next, but before lets see what happened next on the Los Alamos Archives.

How important this article is

The Arxiv has more than a million articles in it. They are the result of tremendous effort by our best minds. There is also the work of the Devil (as in Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playground)..:)

Many articles are about String Theory, a theory based on:

1+2+3+4… = -1/12

or silly conjectures like Universes as bubbles in multidimensional space, m-branes, etc

My article was a trivial 14 pages work which presented HU predictions and the CORRECTED Supernova distances:

The predictions match the astronomical observations perfectly.

The CORRECTION to the Supernova Distances is based on the hypothesis of a epoch dependent G (I wrote this article as a stand-alone article such that it is self-contained - the fact that HU derives from first principles that dependence is to be judged in another submission).

So if the current view doesn’t consider epoch dependent G, then the article contains an interesting and new perspective. I presented the following argument:


that is, an epoch-dependent G implies that Chandrasekhar Mass of the White Dwarf varies with G^(-3/2). Absolute Luminosity is proportional to the rate of 56Ni formation, which is proportional to [C]^2 (thus G^(-3).

If the Standard Candle Luminosity varies with epoch, that certainly creates a systematic error, which has a G^(-3/2) dependence. This means that distances are overestimated by G^(3/2).

After correcting those distances, the Universe is more sensible and fits within what one would expect. There is no need for Inflation Theory, Dark Energy, Dark Matter.

In Summary

The article present a point of view that hasn’t been presented before and seemingly presents a meaningful argument to support that point of view.

Possible Objections

  • Universe at the speed of light.

That is the only one I can imagine that could pass through the mind of anyone. My theory changes the paradigm from Force=mass*acceleration to Stress = Area*Strain. The Strain corresponds to a local torsion of the local metric (Fabric of Space FS or the place where the dilator or particle is at any given time).

I derived the Natural Laws from first principles starting from FS relaxed (perpendicular to FS along the Radial Direction). That is OK since the Natural Laws are non-relativistic.

What is Motion

Unlike Strict Relativity, HU has an extra-dimension R. This is an spatial dimension perpendicular to our 3D Universe, so we cannot point to it. We are “Flat People” living in a 3D Hypersurface.

The state of motion in our 3D Universe is relative to everything else. We cannot see the Fabric of Space (FS).

To create HU, I had to use my Mind Eye :) to see this extra dimension:

This is the Silver Surfer on a relaxed FS.

If FS is tilted to the left, the Silver Surfer Surfboard moves left. The tangent of the angle is v/c, since the Universe is traveling at c along R.

The rate of torsion with time is acceleration:




Area maps to m0c2

and dr=c dt (for the relaxed FS).

It goes without saying that this is a low velocity (low torsion or low dvccdt) approximation (not a relativistic derivation). This is just fine for deriving Natural Laws.

The 3D Universe expansion is a stepwise motion, where each step has a length related to the de Broglie (Compton) wavelength of a Hydrogen atom (this will be clearer later).

As the angle α increases the sidewise steps (x) due to interaction decreases. This is due to the fact that interaction occurs through a dilaton field (dilaton waves) that travel at 2c

At each step λ, interaction makes the dilator to move sidewise by an amount x. If this value is taken considering the perpendicular to FS, at each step, FS changes direction or the dilator accelerates.

The sidewise shift x decreases as the FS torsional angle approaches 45 degrees. This means that Strict Relativity is derived from:

  • the topology
  • The Quantum Lagrangian Principle (x is calculate by considering that the dilator will dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field).
  • having the speed of light to be 2c

Simple as that. Easy as Butter

Final Censorship

Aug 5 at 3:15 PM

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