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My friend wrote:

And why did you dressed up that poor man as a chicken??

To be factual this is not a chicken..:)

As much as I am sympathetic with my fellow human, sometimes some silly gimmick has to be used just to emphasize some horrible event taking place under our noses...

Paul Ginsparg visits my site frequently, in fact, he visited it yesterday ..in fact yesteryear...:)

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United Kingdom Mon, 19 Nov 2007 17:27:52 -0600
Ithaca, NY, United States Mon, 19 Nov 2007 17:06:59 -0600

and so did Stephen Hawking...:)

Well, well... I can't really be sure that that happened, but just the possibility is something to be thankful for anyway...:)
In addition, I am thankful that:
 I was able to provide the solution to the Pioneer Anomaly
Proved that my theory predicts the Precession of Mercury's Perihelion
Proved that my theory predicts Gravitational Lensing
Predicted the existence of White Orifices (Jets emanating from Cylindrical Black Holes)
Provided a single formula for both Gravitation and Electromagnetism (Electrostatics, Magnetostatiscs and GyroGravitation)
Provided a new paradigm for Matter..:)  The Fundamental Dilator the Purveyor of Quantum Mechanics..>:)
Explained how the Fundamental Dilator for Electromagnetism (spin half) and for Gravitation (spin zero) are related
Solved the Pion Decay Paradox on Something about Pions, Path One and Path Two
Explained the Singing Paradox and Universe topology on On the Sphaere One and On the Sphaere Two
Explained Trice Great Hermes Trimegistus' hermetic philosophy on On the Sphaere One and On the Sphaere Two 
Explained the Meaning of Spin 
Explained how to surf the Fabric of Space on my Silver Surfer Series.
Explained Time on The Image on The Mirror where Einstein is showcased with his girfriend..:)
On the Footprints on the Forest, I updated the ancient archetypal vision for the search for enlightenment. Plato's visions are present in my blog since the first one...:)
Responded to Vacuous Criticism in many blogs...:)
Explained positivistic my approach to Blogging as a means to induce a healthy scientific debate
Solved Mankind's Energy Problems on Coherent Nuclear Fusion
Corrected all Newton's equations on Newton's First, Second and Third
Explained the Hyperons in many blogs: The Deltas and their Twisted Minds, Pion Minus, Pion Zero A Majorama Coherence, Omega, The Smoking Xis, Delta Plus Plus
Created the Sam Wormley Challenge to incentivize students, professors to provide a critique to my ideas on record.  I blogged my ideas for a few years, have readers from many universities and somehow haven't ever received a single criticism or question I couldn't rebut or answer. Sam Wormley himself avoided providing a critique...:) after my rebuttal to his initial weak argument...:)
Explained the Pseudo Time-Quantization on the Girlfriend on a Swing blog
Explained the Reality of Space
Explained the Stroboscopic  and Holographic Universe
Explained the Mass of the Neutrino
Explained the Cosmic Microwave Background on Echoes of the BigBang
Solved the Solar Neutrino Puzzle
Explained the Expansion of Space...:) in Is Space Expanding???
Argued against Energy from Nothing and Vacuum States on Plunger Physics
Argued many times against Censorship in The Silence of The Lambs
Challenged Galileo and Newton by pointing their biggest blunders...:)
Talked to Aliens in Area 51
Served Humans
As you can see there is a lot to thankful for...:)



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