Spanking Science - The Review ...:)


This is a cynical and hopefully humorous analysis of how could such review come about. Of course, I hope to be wrong and I sent an email requesting clarification. In the event of a clear response, it will be clear to me that I didn't have any good reason to be so cynical...:)

I will keep you posted on my communications with Los Alamos.


I tried to imagine how such a vacuous review could have been written and started envisioning the events as follow:

Fri 10/27/2006 4:23 PM Paper is submitted...:)

Fri 10/27/2006 4:27 PM- Paul Ginzparg's post-doc opens his email after just arriving in office after a night partying at the "Hi Gorgeous" pub (Ithaca is full of Gorgeous Gorges- Cornel University...:) Suddenly he realized that his sweating palms are making it difficult to hold the mouse...:) He wipes the sweat from his brow and start shivering (and it is not winter yet.....:)

Oh, noooo... What to do???.. If I don't censure this paper, I might be blamed for the demise of String Theory and my future career...:) Suddenly he sees his future life passing by in a flash of light... His dreams of having one of those "Scary Black Holes in Your Neck of the Woods" PBS shows starts to fade away... The protection given by unintelligible math is gone... no Math Shielding... How can one survive in this Universe without a good Math Shielding...:) Not to mention having to learn more crap...:) Ohhhh, God Forbid!!!

Immediately, he summons up some colleagues and start a frenetic discussion about the future of Physics...:) and decide rightfully that Doing Physics is more important the Doing the Right Physics...:)

Fri 10/27/2006 4:30 PM- He submits the now infamous "Inappropriate Submission" email...:) , thinking "I have a week to come up with a good excuse for censuring this $%*& paper"..:)

He can now breath relieved...It was a difficult decision but someone had to do it...:)

A week passes by, all those cumulative examinations, reading those conjectures and curved spaces and the beer in the pub...:) they all take time...:)

Thur 11/02/2006 1:17 AM - The pub was great tonight, but now it is time to send the final review of the paper and I have nothing...:) Let's write some vague argument/critique.... One can never defend oneself from the most vague and vacuous critique...:)... That's it...that is the ticket...:) After all, what are the likelihood that this paper matters .... it is just another idea...:)

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