Human Nature

There is No Blinder Man (Than The One Who Refuses to See)..:)

There is No Blinder Man (Than The One Who Refuses to See)...:)

As expected, obvious errors in our current Cosmological Model would become more and more evident and data piles up. Horrendous logical mistakes like the Inflation Theory will eventually be dropped like it is Hot..:)

Second Step

First Step on Collaboration

Scripting the Hypergeometrical Standard Model

I ended up finding easier to do everything in Python than in Mathematica.  Here is the initial script.  I will expand it every so often.  This script is always in Github.  Follow the collaborate link in the menu.

Where are the Aliens :)

This subject has a curious history.  It never states the obvious.  Most likely any encounter with an Alien Civilization would take place through their Robotic Explorers - not unlike our own case.   If there were any life form in Mars or Europa - they would had meet our robotic devices.