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Censorship by Philip Helbig, sci.physics.research co-moderator


I guess I will have to receive the Nobel Prize before I can post anything in the sci.physics.research Yahoo Group.

One can always say that scientists are cold and calculating, but you can say that at least some of them are very, very, very sensitive...:)

These small subset need to protect their sensibilities from any challenges to what they believe is the correct interpretation of reality.

These people are giving Science a bad name... It is a shame... Newton, Einstein and any other scientist with a revolutionary idea would be blocked in the United States of America scientific environment controlled by Dr. Ginsparg (Los Alamos-Cornell arquives) or this Dr. Helbig. It is a shame... if I didn't mention that before...:)

It is suprising that, Dr. Helbig would consider my theory speculative and at the same time, they would publish crap about creating Universes in laboratory or inter-brane interactions etc... It boggles my mind..>:)

From this interaction you can imagine the odds of me publishing anything along the lines of what I wrote in this blog...:) Every idea I created here and tried to convey to academia were always blocked without any justification by the likes of Dr. Helbig or Paul Ginsparg- the de facto owner of the Los Alamos Arquives.

Please follow the links and look for censorship at the Los Alamos Arquives (paid by your tax dollars) by Paul Ginsparg. Here is the link

I will make another attempt to publish my little Grand Unification Theory at the Los Alamos Arquives this week.

Please write to the Dean of the Cornell University requesting that pressure be exerted on Dr. Ginsparg to provide at least an explanation why he would just deem my theory INAPPROPRIATE...:)

Carolyn (Biddy) Martin
[email protected]
(607) 255-2364

Or in a more tactful manner, please write or call Dr. Ginsparg and tell him about the relevance of my theory and that it deserves a few bits of storage in one of the Los Alamos servers..>:) It is not too much to ask...:)

Please do the same for Dr. Helbig, the co-moderator of the sci.physics.research Yahoo Group. Here is his email:
Phillip Helbig [email protected]


Phillip Helbig X-Ray..:)<[email protected]>
to me
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4:53 am (3 hours ago)

Unfortunately, the article you posted to sci.physics.research isinappropriate for the newsgroup because it is too speculative.Please note that, since the article was posted to a moderated group andwas not approved, it will not appear in ANY newsgroup. If you want topost it to any unmoderated newsgroup, you must post it again, avoidingany moderated newsgroups.

Keep in mind that posts are randomly distributed to one of the ACTIVEco-moderators. At any given time, one or more of these can be inactive.If, rather than resubmitting a post in the normal way, you email amoderator directly, it might arrive while he is inactive, causing anunnecessary delay.


Phillip Helbig, sci.physics.research co-moderator
Below is my threatening posting:
I finished blogging the assignment for all the Hyperon Family using only a single dilaton coherence - the fundamental dilator - and the three Neutrino subcoherences (ElectronNeutrino, MuonNeutrino and TauNeutrino).

This comprises the Hypergeometrical Standard Model and offers a simple and clear alternative to the Standard Model. The Hypergeometrical Universe provides Grand Unification.The site is

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them to the blog. Any intelligent comment, suggestion or correction would be valued and invaluable.


and my reply

Dear Dr. Heilbig,

I would appreciate if you were to give any thought to the fact that I created a model in which I replicate both Electromagnetism, Gravitation from a simple equation, modeled all the Hyperons using a simple paradigm of metric deformation coherences (fundamental dilator) and was able to calculate their masses in a simple manner and from first principles.

That should be worth a simple two paragraphs posting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.



Inappropriate Submissions...Communications

Maybe I was in bad mood after all...:) What can I say.... I am just human...:)

My last blog was a quasi-coherent rant (to be kind to myself) and to a high degree it did not provide a clear view of what really happened and what I think. I will organize the argument properly here.

I decided that the last blog was way tooooo melodramatic and decided to divide it into three. This one will keep the Los Alamos ArXives communications...

Hypergeometrical Universe Censorship

Hypergeometrical Universe Censorship

Sometimes you have to get over your troubles and see things in a clearer manner.

I realized that the inherent difficulties in the introduction to a new physics to old scientist were distracting in my old blog.

I decided to move those blogs here and stop crying like a baby...:)

Here they are, just for sake of keeping the historical perspective correct.

I don't know if I am proud of so much complaining or ashamed...:)

What can I say, I am just human after all..